MotherMy Story

Mother's Fynest was inspired by the need to keep my grandmother's (affectionately known as "Mother") Sweet Potato Pie recipe alive. What started out as a labor of love later evolved into a great venture with the support and encouragement of family and friends.  As a lover of cheesecake I felt inspired to expand "Mother's" sweet potato pie recipe and created Mother's Fynest sweet potato cheesecake - a delicate balance of sweet potato and cream cheese. 


In keeping with the idea of creating and pursuing things which I am passionate about, I developed an All Natural Shea Butter based skin care product line which includes –body soufflés, body oils and exfoliants.


Mother's Fynest prides itself in producing quality products made from the "fynest" ingredients and a whole lot of LOVE.

-Sheryl Perkins, Founder