I used that sugar on my body and I felt so good. I felt as soft as a baby’s bottom (smile) thank you honey bun.

                                       -Debra Cooper


Mother’s Fynest “luv your body” products are the best. Makes your body feel smooth & caressed. Makes your skin oh so nice And, Girlfriend...you can’t beat the price. Fragrances that are sexy & sensual in a jar. Men will definitely notice you from afar. I highly recommend each & everything. Try it & experience the joy Mother’s Fynest brings!!

- Pat Thomas

I’m a Mother’s Fynest Sweet Potato Pie STAN! The pies are so good that Sheryl has single-handedly put my 83 year-old grandmother out of the pie-making business. Every holiday my dear Gammy asks me “Where are Sheryl’s pies?” as she walks through the door with some other dessert. And Mother’s pies are my brother’s only request for the menu when he comes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Keep doing what you do Sheryl!

- D. Carter

Talkin bout “finger licking good” – both the sweet potato pie and cheesecake have a home cooked taste that is irresistible….you can’t and will not want to eat just one! Thank you, “Sweet Potato Sheryl”. After trying several of the body soufflé’s, all I can say is, Bath and Body ain’t got nothing on Mother’s Fynest!

- Bernadine Green

The pies were smooth, creamy, and scintillating to the palate! Good eats anytime!

- Nollie Wood

The Sweet Potato Cheesecake is to die for! I've ordered them for holidays and for events at my Boutique, and each time they were a hit!

- Sharon Jackson Bullock / Metamorphosis Boutique

I have been a strong supporter and customer of Mother's Fynest for at least two and a half years! The pies have been a "must have" for my Family since they were introduced. My daughter and I can not do without the body products! May you continue to create gifts that bless all who use them!

- Tawana Lewis Wheeler

A shea butter that is not hard to spread....FINALLY! All the skin products smell good enough to eat...and the sweet potato cheesecake is a must have!

I have been using Mother's Fynest shea butter on my face for 2 years now. I often get compliments on my skin and comments on how soft it feels. More importantly, I have severe eczema and MF products have not caused one outbreak. I can finally stop wasting money on Kehls, Cetaphil and other expensive face creams!

- Leslie Ward

I absolutely LOVE Mother's Fynest Exfoliants! My skin feels silky smooth EVERY time I use it!~

Mother's Fynest makes the BEST Sweet Potato pies and Sweet Potato Cheesecakes I've ever had in my life! YUM YUM!!

- L. Waiguchu

VaMango Body Souffle is the perfect treat at the end of my busy day. Everytime I turn over in the bed I love the scent of Vanilla and Mango between the sheets.

- C. Green

I'm addicted to Mother's Fynest Exfoliants and Body Souffle...it makes me Glow!

- C. Green

I really like the Lavender Souffle, it does wonders for my eczema.

- C. Green

Mom! That shea butter makes my brother look Golden!!!

- T. Green, age 8